Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hints in the newest Amazing Spider-Man trailer

I still have to write my Cabin in the Woods review, I'm leaving for the Avengers midnight screening in less than 2 hours, and yet I'm furiously working away because Sony decided to release a brand-brand-new Amazing Spider-Man trailer! And there's so much in this, so lets go through some of the cooler details I managed to snag.

Before I say anything else, I'm really looking forward to Andrew Garfield as Peter. No offense to Tobey Maguire, but Tobey's Peter got a little too wet puppy throughout the movies ... Peter Parker has really crappy luck, but Tobey might as well have been kicked in the shins every five minutes - he was that miserable. Garfield's Parker looks to have a thicker skin, maybe because his parents' disappearance is in the forefront of the story.

Speaking of his parents, the trailer highly suggests that his parents were indirectly responsible for Peter's mutation, but this screenshot confirms it. I know there are rumors that the writers might tie his parents in with SHIELD, which would be pretty sweet but who knows. Well, we do know that Peter's parents are going to be a huge part of the movie's core.

Here we see Peter working on his webshooter. It's nice to see him actually work on this technology since the non-natural webbing is a part of classic Spidey. Also, if you have a dirty joke to make about this screenshot, save it ... I already made it in my head. But in this trailer you can really see what his web is looks like and it's sort of stickier and less solid than the previous franchises. Again, save your dirty jokes, you perverts.

His webshooter flashes a red light every time Peter uses it, which is an interesting choice. I also like Peter's quippiness when dealing with this thug.

We kind of knew about this already, but Spider-Man wears sprinter's shoes. I am all for this because even heroes need arch support - and yes, even the best teenage seamstress-er probably couldn't made very supportive crime-fighting footies.

The last thing you'll see before you die. Also, nice touch with the see-through eye filter reptile thing. ... Any herpetologists know what that's called?

This is some of most we've seen of Reptile and he is certainly intimidating. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Dr. Connors is as a human and a monster antagonist. Also, still kind of looks like the goombas from the Super Mario movie.

We have two months until the movie is here. I guess until then we just have to make due with the record-breakingly awesome Avengers. Being a nerd is hard.

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