Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Little Mermaid?

No, it's not another straight-to-dvd Disney sequel. Cinema Blend is reporting that director Joe Wright wants to start work on his own version of The Little Mermaid. A live-action version. And I'm not sure what to think about this.

The only film I've seen from Joe Wright is 2005's Pride and Prejudice. I actually liked that film a whole lot (even my boyfriend really enjoyed it and he's not into talky period pieces). In one long, sweeping shot of one of the balls in the film, Wright was able to pack about five or six different storylines in that shot while still making it seem effortless. He also used the lush, untamed wilderness of England to his advantage and I would be interested in seeing what he would do with the sea.

Something important to know is that this doesn't have anything to do with the Disney version of the story. This is reportedly going to be based on the original story by Hans Christian Anderson. The thing about the original is that it doesn't have a happy ending. The Prince chooses another girl and the mermaid throws herself into the ocean and turns into an air spirit (which is slightly better than being dead, I guess). It's actually been suggested that the rejection of the heroine represents Anderson's own heartbreaking love life. So, is Wright going to let his little mermaid have a happy ending or will she get her heart broken?

Casting isn't even close to beginning, but I have a couple ideas on who to cast as the heroine. Amy Adams has that really sweet disposition, but she might be a little to old to play the teenager. This could also be the perfect role to take Emma Watson to another level after Harry Potter is officially over. While it might seem crazy to think about, Abigail Breslin is also a teenager now and will be in her mid-teens by the time the film start shooting. The other person I would love to see in this role is Breslin's Zombieland costar Emma Stone (although she also might be a little too old to play a teenager).

Who would you want to play our fishy heroine?


  1. I wasn't a big fan of that P&P...they glossed over key plot points--Lydia is lost for only 5 minutes. Also having to turn on subtitles for the hurried dialogue.

    Not sure who to cast...

  2. Hmm, I could see Emma Watson as a renewed heroine . . . in terms of striking young starlets, most would be too old by filming, but perhaps a new look for Dakota Fanning might put her in the running. She does have quite the acting range, and pulling her out of the 'creepy child' roles might do her some good. That being said, I think our little Hermoine might just make a good little mermaid . . .

  3. This one might end up being a little old to play a teen by the time filming roles around, but Sofia Vassilieva is a fantastic up and coming actress!

    I really can't picture Emma Watson or Abigail Breslin. I honestly can't picture Watson as a mermaid, and I the only mental picture I have of Breslin is Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. I agree that Amy Adams wouldn't be able to play a teenager, especially by the time filming begins.

    I started to consider Rachel McAdams because she pulled off a teenager in Mean Girls, but I don't think it'll be able to happen again.

  4. I agree with you about Emma Stone. That's exactly who I was thinking. She's only 21 so playing a teenager isn't that far off from where she is.

  5. Emma Stone would be good. But in my mind, when I picture Ariel out of the realm of cartoon animation, I see Amy Adams. She would perfect. Older, yes, but Hollywood works magic with makeup. And it probably won't directly follow the story anyway so why not make her older? She has the same sweet and innocent face as the Disney Ariel. Plus we know she can play a princess. She did so in Enchanted. Excellent actress.

  6. I think Emma Stone could pull it off. She's definitely capable of that teenage disposition and although Amy Adams has a sweet face, Ariel was more of an adventurous and rebellious teenager. I think Emma fits that perfectly but if the movie goes more in the direction of Hans Christian Anderson's tale then someone like Amy Adams would be adequate.


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